Professional Consulting Service


If you have a project or business venture that requires the use of computers, software systems, or internet technologies such as web sites, hosting, or e-commerce, then you need to call ABC

Internet today to schedule a professional consultation. The company approach to implementation of technology solutions is that we take a 'global view' of any project regardless of how large or small and then drill down to make sure that the sum of all the parts will equal that global view when everything is assembled. We do not believe in pitching products that make the highest profit margins nor do we require that any technology be acquired through our retail store. We are professional consultants that are paid to make sure that your budget is allocated in the most efficient way while eliminating waste so that your business or project can purchase the most effective technologies and have the greatest likelihood of success. Our certified network engineers can assist you in every facet of the project development from beginning to end such as:


  • Defining the technology goals of the project or entity
  • Determining the 'best fit' technology roadmap over a time period (1-5 yrs)
  • Assistance in defining a budget that will allow for the development of the technology as the company grows or project takes form
  • Assistance in ascertaining and testing 'demo' equipment from partner vendors that can be tested to make sure they are the right fit prior to making the final investment
  • Time in Motion studies to produce estimates of workloads and the associated cost of technology vs. manpower
  • Flexible payment plans that include access to distribution pricing on some hardware which can save thousands of dollars and potentially cover the cost of the consulting
  • Assistance in the development of RFPs
    so that all submissions are uniform and vendors don't have room to 'tweak' their proposals in a way that ends up leaving your comparing apples to oranges.
  • ABC Internet can assist you in developing job descriptions and skill requirments for IT personnel necessary to man your company or project
  • By assisting in the overall project development from planning on, ABC Internet forges a relationship with your team that will continue on past implementation and develop into a long-term, proactive technology partnership committment from us to you. We will be there for you to make sure your technology needs are met whenever you need us.
  • If you see something that is missing from this list feel free to discuss it with us by calling today to see what we can do to make your technology acquisition/implementation as seamless as possible



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