Internet Marketing


You may have a great web site already developed or maybe you are looking to have a new site designed by our staff, but what happens now? You have probably heard the saying that the three most important things in business are "location, location, location". Even though a web site is not a traditional 'brick and mortar' store, the same rules of business apply. If you have the world's best store situated at the end of a dead-end dirt road, chances are good that you will not succeed. With millions of other web sites globally grappling for consumer attention, you need an edge to make sure that your site has the right 'location' to ensure its success. ABC Internet SEO specialists can give you that edge.




SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a rapidly expanding field that requires a specialist to stay on top of current trends and changes in the most rapidly changing information environment today - search engine placement. Google, MSN Live Search, Yahoo, Lycos, and thousands of other search engines change the rules of search engine placement so frequently that it is virtually impossible to stay on top of the changes and respond to them with the necessary changes to your web site unless you hire a professional SEO guru to manage your site. Our professional SEO team has the knowledge, proven experience, and tools to stay current in the field and make sure that your site gets optimized and stays that way.


The Cost of NO Marketing or Bad Marketing


Many people often ask "is it expensive" to hire an SEO specialist. The short answer is not as expensive as doing without one since a site that has no revenue generation is nothing more than a monthly bill.

There is no doubt SEO work can be pricey if you go to the wrong place. Unfortunately there are a lot of 'wrong places' out there. We have all heard more than a few horror stories of 'marketing' companies that prey on those with little knowledge by taking thousands of dollars up front, promising guaranteed placement they can't make good on, and doing everything they can to put up a wall of misinformation that keeps the consumer in the dark and off balance about the process as well as with an unrealistic set of expectations. Once the consumer gets wise to the tactics, realizes the lack of production on the original false promise, or even worse - runs out of money because all they are doing is spending it but not making any in return, the 'marketing' company simply moves on to the next uninformed target emptying their pockets the same way. ABC Internet gives FREE up front consultation to first educate the client about the process, potential pitfalls, and optional methods of achieving the goals of the client before and during the marketing process to prevent just such 'bad marketing' tactics. By the time you leave the FREE consultation you will know if we are a good fit for your project and it won't cost you a dime to find out so call us today and get started in the right direction.


The long answer is that the true cost of SEO work from a reputable company is dictated by things like the size of the web site and the volume of content to be optimized, the frequency of change to site content, the amount of direct competition in the same field, and many other factors. The best way to gain an understanding of what it will take to optimize your online marketing effort is to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our specialists who can assist you in gathering the necessary information into a defined project.


One Size Does NOT Fit All


Many people assume that internet marketing is out of their financial reach but we are here to dispel that assumption. ABC Internet has programs that we have made affordable for individuals and businesses of any size that want their site to succeed in the online market place. We take pride in educating and informing our clients before they buy into a program to make sure that their goals and expectations from any program are reasonably achievable. Hey, let's face it - sometimes we expect much more than we yield from an endeavor and that always leaves us disappointed. ABC Internet would rather sit down with you and evaluate your project for its likelihood of success and set a realistic level of expectations to avoid unnecessary disappointments. In some cases, the answer is simply "NO, it can't be done". Better you find out now than thousands or tens of thousands of dollars later.


Proper Market Research and Analysis


ABC Internet always recommends that any marketing program begins with proper research. Our SEO team has the necessary tools to do the marketing research ahead of making a big investment that may not pay off. We can isolate your greatest competition, show you how to advertise through pay per click programs in the most efficient way to minimize your monthly advertising expenses while targeting only the audience of consumers most likely to buy your products and services yielding the highest profit potential. We have programs available that are designed to educate you in setting up and maintaining your own advertising campaigns so that you are not "in the dark" about anything or permanently dependent on us or any other marketing firm. We often recommend these programs for smaller companies that want a more hands on approach to their business or those that have more time than money when first starting up their web site project. Our specialists can charge an hourly consultation fee to work with you as you need assistance in analyzing data, evaluating the success of your program, and suggesting future moves as you take on the primary role of marketing your site after our training program.






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