Computer Repair


We specialize in Virus Removal, Data Recovery, Hardware Repairs and Upgrades, as well as Computer Clean-up & Optimization


Is your computer slowing down to a crawl or giving you fits of anxiety? Are you starting to think that the scrap heap is too nice a destination for it? Well don't despair and don't give up just yet.

The certified professionals at ABC Internet can often revive your old computer by removing viruses, spyware, malfunctioning software, and overabundant start up programs that can seriously impact boot times as well as slow down general use. Let us get your P.C. on the bench to run our diagnostics on it and find out if whether or not your machine is truly ready for the junk yard. Often times a one to two hour fix is all you need to get you back on the computing super highway saving you hundreds of dollars and the frustration of lost data. Even if you are ready to buy a new computer you may need assistance from a qualified technician to transfer your old data to the new P.C. Call us today to make an appointment and see what we can do to give new life to your computer.


Virus Removal


If your computer has slowed down dramatically in a short period of time or is exhibiting strange behaviors you never had before such as windows popping up without your request, application errors, strange error messages during start up, and more - your computer may be infected with a virus. Even if you never downloaded anything from the internet that you are aware of you

could still be infected. Todays Trojan Horse and variable other viruses are self mobilized. This means the can travel around the internet under their own power without your action. They can send themselves to any open internet connection silently without your awareness and can infect your machine without your knowledge. Once these types of viruses have infected your machine, they can spread to other computers on your local network, lower your security levels by circumventing firewalls, and even automatically download more viruses without your knowledge. If left unchecked they will eventually corrupt your system to the point of total system failure. Don't wait until your system fails to get it repaired. The longer you wait, the worse the problem is to fix and the longer it takes which translates to a higher bill.



We give commercial grade full system antivirus and antispyware software FREE to anyone who brings us their computer for a checkup or repair. This can save you over $80 and helps to offset the cost of the repair. Now that's value!


Data Recovery


With top quality tools and utilities we can recover most data from computers that

have suffered a virus attack, damaged boot sector, and even an accidental reformat. We can repair and rebuild boot sectors and partitions as long as they are not overwritten by too much new data so if you have a problem with a hard drive and you have critical data that you want to save you must



immediately and call ABC Internet today to set up an appointment before it's too late! In rare cases the hard drive motor or disk platters may be damaged to the point that successful recovery is not possible without laser imaging the contents of the damaged drive to a new hard drive. While neither we nor anyone else offers that service locally, we have a partner relationship with the nearest laser imaging data recovery center in Seattle, WA. Due to our partner relationship with them, we can save you a lot of money vs. going calling a data recovery lab directly as an end user.


Computer Optimization


In general the average computer collects an ever-expanding array of garbage files, start-up processes, orphaned folders/files, etc. and needs to be cleaned up at least once a year. The

system registry gets bloated which leads to the computer running as little as 50% as quick as it should be. People often mistake this condition for permanent and rush out to buy a new computer unnecessarily. We recommend bringing your system to our certified professional repair technicians at least once every 6 months to 1 year so that we can clean up the system and gain back the performance you had when it was new. This saves time, money, and frustration in the long run while ensuring that problems which may be on the rise are captured early enough to prevent more serious and expensive repairs later. If you would like us to optimize and clean up your computer, call today and schedule an appointment.






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