Server Colocation and Managed Services


If you have a dedicated server or set of servers for your web site or other software and

want a place where you can purchase redundant bandwidth to power them without the typically high associated cost, then you need to call ABC Internet today and we can offer a free project analyses to discuss your needs and the resources necessary to achieve them. Traveling to expensive data centers gets more costly every day with gas prices going up never mind the lack of productivity that comes from spending your valuable time on the road instead of focused on doing the things that make money for you. Let us manage your servers and rest assured that a 24/7 technician will be a phone call away to handle your technical issues.


Server Builds


If you have need of one or more servers to power your online presence we have system integrators that can offer a FREE consultation to discuss the project and offer a customized solution of hardware and software to meet your needs. As a partner program member of

Microsoft™, Seagate™. Western Digital™, Promise™, and many other vendors, we can provide proven solutions based on the best technology to minimize downtime, maximize return on investment, and most importantly provide a local contact for support of your server dependent applications. Having someone you can talk to face to face in times of need can be an absolute blessing. We all know what it is like to call an international tech support line in a crisis situation and after spending hours on hold endure a conversation with a technician we can understand just well enough to know they don't know what they are talking about. Our technicians are professionally certified networking engineers with hands-on working knowledge of the products and services they recommend daily. ABC Internet is there for you when you need us.


Bandwidth Aggregation


We have state-of-the-art bandwidth aggregation appliances that allow us to feed your servers with bandwidth that travels the fastest connection out to the requesting party in

realtime. These appliances allow up to seven unique bandwidth connections from upstream providers and offer throughput up to 350 MBps. This makes redundancy of connection a 'no-brainer' and offers superior bandwidth throughput capabilities compared to individual dedicated connections. Since each of the 7 links can be from different service providers, it allows faster content delivery to your end users since the platform takes realtime metrics and decides which path between you and your target audience will take the least amount of time. If you have often wanted to host your servers in Coeur d Alene so you can "reach out and touch them" any time but didn't know you had the option - well now you do! Call us today.



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